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With years of industry experience, our drain specialists here at Blocked Drains Southport are always available to help you. From issues with your sink to a strange smell, there are a variety of problems that our team can solve. We work across the Southport area in areas including Ainsdale, Blowick, Hesketh Bank and Rufford. If you are located around these areas, please feel free to call us and we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

As members of the FSB, you can always rely on us. To find out more about the 24 hour call out service we offer, get in contact with us on 07970 883333.

Unblocking Your Drains

Thinking that you have a blocked drain can be a worry. Some signs you may notice include overflowing water, blocked toilets, as well as water that is slow to drain away. Another sign of a problem is an odd smell either outside or inside. If you notice any of these, then there is a high chance that you’ll need help.

It is important that any issues are resolved as soon as possible. As well as making your home difficult to relax in, blockages can also cause risks with your health. On top of this, there can be a risk of structural damage.

Why Our Team?

We work to unblock drains across Southport and surrounding areas, helping you to have complete peace of mind at all times. With our 24 hour call out service and 1 hour response time, we can have your blockages and drains clear in no time.

Our team use rods and high-pressure jets to ensure that all aspects are clean, clear and safe for use. Alongside this, we can work with a range of clients across Southport including homeowners, landlords, public houses, letting agents and more.

What Repairs Can Be Carried Out?

Sometimes an issue can be as simple as a blockage and this can be removed using rods or jets. Although, on some occasions the process can be much more complex. Some of the most common issues that people face include:

  • Root Infiltration
  • Corrosion
  • Bellied Pipe
  • Off-grade Pipe
  • Leaking Joints
  • Blockages
  • Broken, Collapsed and Cracked Pipes

In most cases people are told that excavation has to take place for drain repairs to happen. However, our team will only ever do this if absolutely necessary! There are new techniques using lining and no-dig technology which helps to make repairs and replacements as easy as they can be.

Whether you need a full repair or a small gully replacement, we are always available to come out to you. In addition to any drain repairs we complete, all waste will be removed from site.

Contact Us in Southport

To find out more about drain repairs or unblocking in Southport, call our team today on 07970 883333 or 01253 850689. We will be back in touch as soon as possible to arrange a time suitable for you. You can also check out our main website by clicking here.

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